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Store Page. Metro Redux Store Page. Global Achievements. I'm having consistent crashing on the Dead City Chapter.

The Dead City (Metro Exodus Level)

It happens anywhere from min into the level. I have tried loading from the chapter select screen as suggest in other threads. Ik Ti: Latest Driver as of 16 Gig DDR41 All at stock speed and never overclocked My in game settings are all high with Vsync off v sync on locks to 60 with terrible mouse movement.

Showing 1 - 15 of 20 comments. Having the same problem. Aorus Ti with a Ryzen x on Windows Latest drivers installed. Everything at stock, I even downlocked the Ti as far as it would go since I saw some people suggesting to remove the factory OC but no luck. It's been randomly crashing for me up to this point but I managed to progress, but this time it consistently crashes before I get to the next save point so I cant go forward.

I just said F it and uninstalled it. I don't have time to make a game work. Their loss. Seems like a good game but i only paid 10 bucks for a year ago. I remember loving it the first time I played it during release, been struggling to get it to work to no avail.

Tried everything suggested everywhere. Then I gave up and asked for a refund and got rejected because I was trying for 3 hours to get it to work and its above Steam's 2 hr play time refund policy. Ryukan View Profile View Posts. I'm having the asme crashing problems in the Dead City. I just got the redux games to play through them again before Exodus comes out just to refamiliarize myself with the games as I first played them back when they first came out.

I managed to play through both original games on a much older computer back then, but I can't even get through Metro Redux becuase it keeps randomly crashing and getting more frequent crashes in the Dea City now.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Metro Redux Store Page. Global Achievements. Iv'e got to the part in this mission where you meet up back with your companion, then all of sudden we walk up the stairs and see the "demon" which passes then the companion says lets fall back a bit and then nothing happens Can someone please Help.

metro exodus the dead city glitch

Showing 1 - 15 of 24 comments. The same thing. If you restart the game and you change the difficulty in hard. They appear some monsters buth when you kill all your friend say that you have to follow hime and he stary stuck in a part Nucloid View Profile View Posts.

Could you provide a video of whats happening? Just follow Bourbon's directions. Bourbon should try to catch you.

The Dead City (Metro Exodus Level)

If this doesn't work, try jumping across on your own from car to car. You could try progressing on your own and this will deffinitely force the Ai to move. To progress in the level, go to your right and walk through the building.

It should be self explanatory. Once you get to the dead body near "dead city pt2" bourbon should force spawn himself. Last edited by Nucloid ; 30 Aug, am. Originally posted by Dataonlycod :. Originally posted by IonizedReactor :. Last edited by LadyBoy ; 30 Aug, am. Originally posted by Instinckt :. I dont know what happen but before they appear they appear a lot of demons this monsters that they can fly your friend say that you have to follow him but he get stuck in the square and you cant mak anything.

And if you die, you start from that place before other monsters appera but nothing happend and you have to die other timeThe level Dead City 1is a long level which starts right after Artyom leaves the Market station with Bourbon. This is the first mission, chronologically, where Artyom is travelling across the surface. The level finishes just after the second dark one is spotted. Artyom walks around half a kilometer 0. Despite being visually imposing, the actual level consists only of the Prospect Mira Market station vestibule, three crumbling buildings, two courtyards and a collapsed and flooded intersection.

Moscow was never bombed directly, thanks in no small part to Moscow Missile Defense systems, but without human maintenance, a lot of buildings began falling apart due to exposure to elements and eventually filled the streets of the city with impassable piles of debris. The buildings mentioned above contained a bank, a grocery shop and numerous offices respectively.

An interesting fact is that the bank vault appears to be thoroughly looted while the office supplies and equipment remain virtually untouched. Be careful while exploring, traps can be found in some buildings. It is possible to spot several dark ones on this level. The first one can be briefly seen in the offices, the second one will cause a flashback when Artyom passes through the playground, and finally the third one is checking a corpse in the gated passage to the courtyard of the building Bourbon told Artyom to head to.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? But, after a life underground, I also saw strange beauty in the dark skies and frozen landscape. Contents [ show ].

Second dark one encounter during Dead City 1 level. Third dark one encounter during Dead City 1 level. A new area featured in Metro Redux. Categories :. Cancel Save. When we emerged into the ruins of Moscow, I felt both fear and sorrow. Ranger Achievement. Find all Ranger stashes in Dead City 1 and 2. Levels in Metro Chapter 0 Prologue. Chapter 1 Let the Journey Begin. Chapter 2 Bourbon. Chapter 3 Khan. Chapter 4 War. Chapter 5 Hope. Chapter 6 D6. Chapter 7 Tower.The Dead City is the eleventh level overall in Metro Exodusand the final playable level within the game.

Metro Exodus endings: How to get the good ending and what to look out for

The Culmination of the Aurora's journey brings the crew to the radioactive Novosibirsk in search of an experimental military drug.

Having left the lush greenery of the forest valley behind, the crew have moved further east, to the highly radioactive city of Novosibirsk. SamMiller and Artyom stand at the head of the train, as it crosses the Novosibirsk Rail Bridge, and into the snow covered city.

Miller remarks how the radiation is so high, yet the buildings are still standing, as well as the hundreds of cars blocking the roads, and the dozens of train carriages that can be seen along the railway.

Back inside the bridge, Miller tasks the crew with several objectives whilst he and Artyom search the city. Novosibirsk was home to the Akademgorodok district to the south, which contained the cities university, libraries and research institutes.

It is here where Miller suspects the drug may have also been produced and as a backup Miller sends StepanKrestSam and Idiot to search the area. Also to the south is their secondary objective, the Museum for Railway Technologywhere Yermak knows the location of a snow plow for the Aurora.

Saying their farewells and good lucks, Miller and Artyom depart the Aurora in the heavily modified, and lead-lined van. Their plan is to avoid the high levels of radiation by diverting through the Metroand coming out at Lenin Square, where the Institute is located right next to the Theater.

However the first Metro station they come across is inaccessible due to the ice build up over the entrance. Artyom takes the wheel as Miller diverts them to an alternate entrance, a crater a few miles to the north.

After the duo enter the Metro, they begin to see the familiar sights of Mutants, which they easily fend off. Travelling further into the Metro, and uncovering signs of battle the pair run into a young boy, Kirillwho initially runs, but eventually leads them to his home.

Kiril and his father Slava Khlebnikov, a Lieutenant-Colonel in the OSKOM unit, are the only two survivors in the Metro, after dwindling supplies lead to riots and mutants overrunning the stations. Kirill reveals to the pair that his father had made several trips to the Satcom center in the city retrieving maps of clean areas including the Forest Valley the Aurora passed through, however he has not returned since his most recent trip several weeks ago.

Kiril gives Artyom and Miller two of the remaining three doses of Green Stuff to make it through the radiation.

metro exodus the dead city glitch

Artyom makes his way through the tunnels fighting Nosalises and giant worms along the way, and as he reaches the Lenin Square station, the radiation seeping through the cracks in the ceiling starts affecting Artyom even after taking his dose of the Green Stuff. As he reaches the platform he begins to see a vision of Anna guiding him forward, as well as the bones of the dead coming to life. After crossing the square out in the open he begins to have a vivid vision of the final moments before the bombs fell, and a tank crew shooting at the Metro entrance as the war began.

As he reaches the institute, he has several more visions such as Anna suffocating or talking to him through a door, however when Artyom interacts with her, he sees they are just the skeletons of the dead.

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Giant mutated Apes, similar to that of the Librarians from Moscow's Lenin Libraryhowever these beasts have no eyes, and rely on their other senses to hunt their prey. Artyom has several near misses with the Blind Ones throughout the facility, before arriving at the Labs in the center of the building.

Having found an intact case with the medicine in, Artyom prepares to depart, before being chased through an air vent by a blind one. Artyom sustains several injuries fighting him off, and both fall from a fire escape on the side of the building, with the blind one impaling itself on a pipe as Artyom passes out.

Giving Artyom his dose of Green StuffMiller loads Artyom into the van and begins driving out of the city. Regaining consciousness an unspecified amount of time later, Artyom sees Miller slumped in the passenger seat of the Van, and Kirill attempting to drive. Moving over, Artyom begins driving through the night, along a highway filled with abandoned vehicles before passing out once again. The next morning Artyom wakes up and finds Millers lifeless body in the passenger seat.

After giving Artyom his shot, he succumbed to the radiation, but not before ensuring Artyom survived long enough to get the medicine to Anna. Kirill playing outside beckons to Artyom who collapses in the snow outside. The Aurora stops at the railway crossing in front of them, with the newly acquired snow plow being seen front and center.

As Artyom is about to loose consciousness again, the crew jumps out and races towards Artyom. Going in and out of consciousness, Artyom is stretchered aboard the Aurorawhere a worried crew turn to Katya to help them. She suggests a full blood transfusion may help Artyom to survive.

On this level, there are a total of 8 diary notes and 2 postcards that can be collected. This is a very linear level, so you will have to do these in the order presented. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki.Getting the Metro Exodus good ending is sort of simple: be a good person. It sounds obvious but in an uncaring, irradiated world full of bad people it's easy to slip up. However, if you want to nail the good ending you'll have to approach the various decisions you can make along the way with a positive attitude.

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Where things get tricky is that you won't always realise your actions are being judged until after the fact, indicated by a spooky, echoey whispering noise. For that reason alone this Metro Exodus good ending guide is invaluable in helping you known when a decision can have a permanent effect.

Generally, just don't kill everyone just because you can in Metro Exodusand always pick the nicer options when you have to make a call. The open world nature of this game also means you can completely miss the opportunity to be good, which can also affect how things play out.

So checkout our Metro Exodus good ending guide and finish the game on a relative high. When you're given the option to knock out or execute certain characters, always knock them out.

In the same vein, always opt for a stealthy approach whenever possible to conserve ammo and prevent needless deaths.

Some firefights are unavoidable, but even then you'll likely see some enemies surrender, so be sure to spare anyone who lays down their weapon. At the same time, look out for optional objectives which other members of the Aurora will ask you to investigate - finding certain objects, sparing other survivors, and so on. Basically, if you want to see the Metro Exodus good ending, use your best judgment and don't be a bastard.

Explore the map thoroughly, and remember to ask questions first and shoot only when necessary. If you can do that, you'll go on the nice list. With that in mind, here are some examples of positive actions that you should take, as well as specific decisions to look out for.

We've avoided major story spoilers here, but be warned, there are some minor area and character spoilers ahead. If you're looking for a more detailed list of secrets and optional objectives, check out our guide to all the Metro Exodus map locations.

Read on if you just want to know what happens in the end. Obviously, major spoilers aheadso stop reading now if you do plan on playing the game but haven't finished it yet. In his search for medicine to cure Anna's affliction, Artyom succumbs to the heavy radiation in the Dead City. Artyom dies and the game ends with his burial. Anna lives, but she's furious with Artyom for leaving her alone.

The heavy radiation of the Dead City leaves Artyom on the brink of death, but Colonel Miller saves him by sacrificing himself and giving Artyom their last dose of anti-rad. Miller dies, but Artyom lives to deliver the medicine, and thanks to that, Anna survives as well. The game ends with Artyom, Anna, and the other Spartans burying Miller in a gorgeous valley, which they vow to build into a home for other survivors with Artyom as their new leader.

As a staff writer and former freelancer, Austin focuses on day-to-day news happenings which serve as the perfect cover-up for his Destiny 2 column. He majored in journalism, loves to hate headlines, and never takes his Switch out of the dock. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. Check out our top Metro Exodus tips in the video below:.

Austin Wood. See comments. Topics Tips.The final chapter of Artyom's adventures tells the story of an attempt to get the cure for Anna. The following chapter of the Metro Exodus guide marks the beginning of a journey through the Dead City.

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Before setting off with the Colonel, take advantage of the workshop and prepare yourself thoroughly before the expedition. Choose your favorite weapons, make sure you have filters and first-aid kits, and then follow Miller.

metro exodus the dead city glitch

Your companion will first be driving, and you will be watching. However, the situation will quickly change, and you will be behind the wheel. Take the road and avoid wrecks of cars and parts of the city that can't be driven through. Miller will keep you informed where to turn. After some time, the vehicle will get stuck and you will have to continue on foot. Enter the wreck of an old tram and you will reach the tunnel. Go up to the door and open it - you will uncover the next passage.

Walk through the carriage and you will be on the other side, entering the metro area.

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All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Metro Exodus Guide. Dead City. Way to the Metro. Table of Contents.During the journey along the subway, Artyom finds a boat, which has to be used when passing through the next areas of the facility. The following section of the Metro Exodus Guide contains a description of this stage of the game.

Go into the boat and swim forward. You will pass filthier and filthier walls and the interior will start to resemble an organic creation. Watch out for the bugs and swim forwards all the time. You will float into a large room and you will be attacked by big tentacles. Enemies emerge from the water and dive from time to time - try to target and shoot enemies as quickly as possible. The tentacles will try to blast you into the water, so be careful and kill them as soon as possible.

Next, enter a corridor full of green lights and go up the stairs.

Metro Exodus - Ranger Hardcore Exploit/Glitch Trophy Achievement - Patch 1.0 - Read Description

Kill more tentacles and avoid all their attacks - they're very powerful. Get into the infected carriage and continue through it. Kill more tentacles and walk up the stairs. Continue until you reach the lever - use it to lower the stairs down. Go down with them and enter the corridor. Kill the big red maggot and go further down the narrow passage.

Go through the slippery rooms until you reach the generator - use it to lower the next boat. Go downstairs and kill the next tentacles that emerge from the water. After it's done, enter the boat and proceed forward. At the end of the room, another more water beasts will appear. Pull out the weapons and shoot them, then continue rowing and run away from this slimy spot.


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Metro exodus the dead city glitch
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