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measured progress layoffs

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See what we can accomplish. Interested in Joining Us? See for yourself! Explore what our location has to offer. Classroom Assessment Supporting classroom and district assessment best practices with formative tools for teachers. See Products.The president of Measured Progress has confirmed more layoffs at the Dover educational testing company.

Martin Borg on Tuesday said the nonprofit company let go about 50 employees over the past month. Borg, the president and CEO, said company is undergoing an organizational shift stemming in part from the softening market for educational testing services. The company also has finished the development of several new products and is shifting resources to marketing and selling those services.

Measured progress creates and reviews standardized tests for school districts and states and also provides educational services for students, teachers and special education programs. The company also develops testing tools for the private sector. It currently has contracts to provide alternate assessments to special education student populations in 18 U. Exams overseen by Measured Progress were the subject of computer glitches and other problems this spring in North Dakota, Nevada and Montana.

Borg said the layoffs were unrelated to the testing problems that involved an outside vendor and which have since been resolved. The company employed about people inbut after this round of layoffs it has about employees at its Dover headquarters and satellite offices in New York and Colorado. He said the company was very sorry to see them go. Despite recent challenges, he said the company remains on solid footing and is not exploring a potential sale or merger.

Digital access or digital and print delivery. The company laid off about 40 people in October and recently closed an office in California.

Measured Progress does not comment on personnel matters such as employee severance packages. Site Archive.There are many paths to personal growth. But challenges that nearly destroy us aren't the only path to greater personal development. Setting goals for your own personal development can be an effective and less stressful way to grow emotionally and intellectually.

Goal-setting can help you to succeed as a person in the ways that are important to you and can help you to streamline your life, minimize stress, and really become the person you were meant to be in far less time.

It can also help you to stay mentally sharp as any lifetime learner can tell you. To some people, artistic expression is an indispensable part of who they are, and they fare much better if they are creating, at least some of the time, in their lives. To some, helping others is something they must do, and the meaning it brings to them and others is what makes life valuable. Others need to be solving problems to feel alive. The reason it matters to realize this is that many people fill their time with things that are important but aren't aligned with their values, with what they value most in life.

Measured Progress, Inc. Employee Reviews

If you analyze what is important to you, you can set goals to ensure that you make this a greater part of your life. Many people self-sabotage in one way or another without realizing it. Perhaps you don't believe that you're capable of achieving things that you really want to achieve, and you limit yourself by not trying.

Perhaps you're not allowing yourself to devote enough time to your goals because you're getting bogged down by other things in your schedule that are less important but that you feel "must" be done.

One way to identify this subtle self-sabotage is to focus on living each day as though it were pivotal to your success in life. Is everything you're doing important, and contributing to your success?

If you view things through this lens, it's easier to identify energy drains and time wasters, as well as those things that hold you back.

When your health is compromised, it's more challenging to focus on your goals in life. This is obviously true when facing serious health conditions, but it's also true of less serious types of health compromises.

For example, most of us feel far more stressed and are not at our best when we haven't had adequate sleep for a few nights in a row or have eaten unhealthy food for a few days. Focusing on taking care of your health can make a huge impact on the rest of your life. Time management is an important goal in itself. When you manage your time wisely, you have more energy and a far greater ability to pursue other things in life that are important to you.

Time management enables you to maximize time spent in activities that feed you, motivate you, and help you develop yourself as a person.

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You may not be able to transform yourself in a few weeks, but focusing heavily on creating new habits on a regular basis can be transformative over the course of several months or years. The trick is to get into the habit of forming habits.

Focus the bulk of your energy on making something new a standard part of your lifeand then move on once you've become comfortable with it.

This is the time to create a new habit. Life coaches refer to these people as "expert friends" and they can be life-changing as they'll have tips and inspiration you can pick up just by watching them be themselves. With these friends, watching becomes doing. This is also supported by social learning theorywhich explains how it makes things easier when you have a friend to help you along the way. Using the momentum of a group can really help you to reach your goals.

This is because peer pressure can be a strong influencer, so using it to your advantage is wise. Having people who can cheer you on when you win and help you to feel better when you lose can make all the difference with your success. Unfortunately, not all friends are able to support you in this way.

Some people naturally feel envious when their friends succeed too much.Organizational interventions aiming at improving employee health and wellbeing have proven to be challenging to evaluate.

To analyze intervention processes two methodological approaches have widely been used: quantitative often questionnaire dataor qualitative often interviews. Both methods are established tools, but their distinct epistemological properties enable them to illuminate different aspects of organizational interventions. We analyze what type of knowledge about intervention processes these two methodologies provide and discuss strengths and weaknesses as well as potentials for mixed methods evaluation methodologies.

How To Properly Handle Mass Layoffs - Management Tips

The evaluation of organizational interventions targeting employee health and wellbeing has been found to be a challenging task Murta et al. Although several evaluation frameworks Nielsen and Abildgaard, ; Nielsen and Randall, have been suggested it has proven to be methodologically challenging to evaluate the processes of implementation of organizational interventions OIs; Nielsen and Randall, Two distinct approaches to process evaluation data collection are commonly used.

One is a quantitative approach where either standardized or intervention-specific questionnaire items are included in a follow-up questionnaire, and are later integrated into statistical models of implementation and effect e. Qualitative process evaluation has been used extensively to understand the context of interventions outcomes e. Although much is written about evaluation research in general Lipsey and Cordray, ; Rossi et al.

Using a case of an OI in the Danish postal service where questionnaires and semi-structured interviews were used for process evaluation data collection, we compare the epistemological properties of both methods and assess the benefits of different ways to collect process information. The aim of the present study is to examine the type of knowledge about the intervention process that may be produced by quantitative and qualitative data and discuss how these sources best can be applied in mixed methods designs.

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It is hence not a study of different forms of mixed methods designs for such literature see Nastasi et al. We employ a sequential mixed methods analysis to identify a set of factors in the quantitative data that function as an analytical framework with which we comparatively analyze the qualitative data.

This approach will help us accentuate what knowledge about the intervention each data collection methods may provide, and allows us to discuss differences and similarities.

measured progress layoffs

Though OI evaluation has historically focused on whether the interventions improve working conditions on quantitatively measured outcomes Griffiths, mixed methods approaches have become a commonly chosen evaluation design. A archetypical design would be the use of surveys to measure effects of the intervention Bambra et al.

Measured Progress lays off 50 workers

Though this approach will cover process and effect evaluation, researchers are advocating using more methodologically rigorous qualitative methods Griffiths, ; Egan et al. Additionally, in recent years scholars have more extensively included quantitative process measures Havermans et al. To complement the focus on stronger mixed methods methodology in OI evaluation the present study serves to shed light on what type of knowledge of the intervention is gained from qualitative and quantitative process evaluation data.

A commonly used way to quantify perceptions of intervention processes is the development and use of process evaluation scales Havermans et al.Automation and fierce competition are forcing many companies to resort to frequent rounds of layoffs. All too often, layoffs done for short-term gain damage employee engagement and actually reduce profitability. Some companies have developed workforce change strategies that make sparing use of staff reductions and ensure that when they do happen, the process feels fair and the company and the affected parties are set up for success.

Two great forces are transforming the very nature of work: automation and ever fiercer global competition. To keep up, many organizations have had to rethink their workforce strategies, often making changes that are disruptive and painful. Typically, they turn to episodic restructuring and routine layoffs, but in the long term both damage employee engagement and company profitability.

Some companies, however, have realized that they need a new approach. Consider the case of Nokia. For management, the choice was clear: Bochum had to go. As he addressed them, the crowd grew more and more agitated.

The anger spread. A week later 15, people protested at Bochum. German government officials launched an investigation and demanded that Nokia pay back subsidies it had received for the plant. Unions called for a boycott of Nokia products. The news was filled with pictures of crying employees and protesters crushing Nokia phones.

That would involve laying off 18, employees across 13 countries over the next two years. This time, Nokia implemented a program that sought to ensure that employees felt the process was equitable and those who were laid off had a soft landing.

measured progress layoffs

One of us, Sandra, has spent eight years researching best practices for workforce change in global multinational companies. She has seen that all too frequently companies do bad layoffs, do layoffs for the wrong reason, or worse, do both. The job cuts in Bochum ignited outrage because Nokia had generated so much profit the year before.

InNokia did have the right reasons, but it still suffered because of its process. Some governments, recognizing the massive damage layoffs create, have written laws protecting employees against them. For example, a number of European countries require companies to provide a social or economic justification before they can conduct layoffs.

France, however, recently eliminated the requirement to provide an economic justification, and in the United States companies can conduct layoffs at will. Regardless of how easy it might be to cut personnel, executives should remember that doing so will have consequences.

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The research clearly shows that bad layoffs and layoffs for the wrong reasons rarely help senior leaders accomplish their goals.Find jobs Company reviews Find salaries. Upload your resume. Sign in.

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Review this company. Job Title. United States 83 reviews. Ratings by category Clear. Sort by. Helpfulness Rating Date. English Any. Found 32 reviews matching the search. I was laid off after only 11 months of working here. Non profit, but a lot of decent benefits. But very lenient on sick days and time off. ManagementPto, and work environment. Unstable, no job security, pay.

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Share Tweet. Copy link. I have not kept up with how the management team is doing these days, but they made some very poor decisions in the past. These decisions caused numerous lives to be turned upside down due to preventable layoffs.The progress data below reflects the latest information as of Decemberunless stated otherwise.

As a part of our broader strategy, in we launched a set of ambitious beef sustainability goals for These goals apply in each of our top 10 beef sourcing countries U. We continue to source a portion of our beef from recognized sustainability programs in two of our top 10 beef sourcing countries. Inwe began purchasing a portion of our beef from a fully verified supply chain sustainability pilot program in Canada.

This initiative is now being led by the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. We are actively collaborating with key national stakeholders to develop beef sustainability programs in our remaining eight markets.

Share knowledge and tools: Byengage with beef producers through outreach projects to help develop and share best practices related to our Priority Impact Areas. As of Junefive of our top 10 beef sourcing countries are supporting or sponsoring beef producer sustainability groups, tools or programs. As of Junefour of our top 10 beef sourcing countries have recognized one or more beef producers as Flagship Farmers to work with peers and share their industry-leading processes and practices.

Schlumberger rebounding after cutting 70,000 jobs

The remaining countries will be recognizing beef Flagship Farmers throughout and As of Junefour of our top 10 beef sourcing countries have one or more pioneering projects underway or have a Progressive Farm Partnership in progress to test the scalability of key research. Conserve forests: Byin regions with identified risks relating to the conservation of forests, verify that the beef sourced from those regions comes from farms where primary forests and high conservation value lands are preserved.

This is part of our Global Commitment on Forests and includes regions outside of our top 10 beef sourcing countries. This is a combination of beef coming from high-risk locations which has been verified through farm assessments, as well as beef traced back to locations with a low risk of deforestation. We identified the Chaco in Argentina and Paraguay, the Amazon and Cerrado in Brazil and Queensland in Australia as high-risk regions for deforestation associated with beef production.

This analysis was completed using the WWF Living Forests report and will be reviewed on an annual basis. Full policy specifics here. Within each of these 10 markets, there are pilot farms selected that represent differing geographies and rearing practices covering beef and dairy beef.

Back to Top. As ofall centrally managed guest packaging is fully out of foam. It is a requirement that markets do not use foam for any local guest packaging items. We understand that recycling infrastructure, regulations and consumer behaviors vary from city to city and country to country, but we plan to be part of the solution and help influence powerful change.

Recycled: Material that has been reprocessed from recovered [reclaimed] material by means of a manufacturing process and made into a final product or into a component for incorporation into a product.

Collection methods for recyclable materials will vary by market. Examples include, but are not limited to, tray collection of waste for back of counter separation, installed bins that allow guests to separate recycling from trash, collecting all waste in one bin and sending to a facility for separation and recycling.

Read more about packaging and customer recycling. We are in the process of establishing a new data system to comprehensively track progress towards this goal and will report at a later time. We have issued clear expectations to all suppliers inand are developing more detailed expectations for key commodity category strategies.


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Measured progress layoffs
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